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Industrial automation & Production automation
Industrial automation Production automation


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WiR Automation was founded in 2018 from consolidation of two companies. The first of them has been dealing with the industrial automation since 2012, while the second one started in 2016 and specialized in mechanics.

With our services we want to reach the companies that do not realize how easy and inexpensive it is to reduce the number of employees, increase productivity and optimize the production process.

We want to solve our Customers’ problems and improve the efficiency of their production facilities.

Industrial automation

Our company comprehensively deals with the issue of the industrial automation. Starting from the creation of a concept based on the Customer’s remarks, through the construction of the control cabinet, cabling, selection of the control system and creation of the program, to the start-up of the device and training of the personnel.

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Production automation

With our services we want to optimize your production by turning traditional production into automatic. We know that traditional technology involves skilled workers, which results in high costs. Nowadays, a shortage of employees becomes a big problem. That is why our company specializes in improving production processes with the industrial equipment, robots or the customized solutions. Our projects will reduce the number of required employees and increase the production efficiency which will enables the cost optimization.

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