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Automatic Pallet Storage

Automatic Pallet Storage


Various types of conveyors and supporting equipment are used to automatically connect different machines. We would like to present you such an equipment that will help you to speed up and facilitate production in your plant.

Pallet storage to the processing line


The equipment has a stable and failure-free design. Such a storage facility fully automates pallet placement and dispensing.

A single pallet is taken from the storage area and then moved to the next station by means of a chain conveyor. Of course, it is possible to rotate the pallet by 90 degrees in order to pass it on to the appropriate side.

Thanks to its innovative design, the automatic pallet storage system significantly increases the efficiency and safety of the production plant. An additional important advantage is the reduction of pallet damage.

The capacity of the storage is determined individually, according to the needs and efficiency of the production line with which it is integrated.
The storage can accommodate up to 30 pallets (depending on the version) (size adapted to the needs).

The machines of our production – are covered by warranty and service for 2 years from the date of production.

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