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Automatic Welding of Gates & Fences

Automatic Welding of Gates & Fences


Facing the needs of the market and increasing problems with finding workers, we would like to present an equipment for welding gates and door spans with a robot.

Robots for welding gates and fences

The simplest equipment consists of one rotary table and a stationary robot that connects the steel profiles previously placed in the template. We also construct more complex production lines with even several robots.

The equipment enables welding (depending on the project) of gates with a length of up to 12 meters on one station. Welding robots are able to weld automatically elements of very complex shapes and joints. The quality requirements demanded from manufacturers of this type of structures force the application of robots for welding gates and fences.

Example of the production cycle

An employee arranges profiles in a template. After placing it, he goes to the second position. At this time, the first robot starts welding the bay. Of course, the man is protected from the side effects of welding. Therefore, another advantage of this solution is to increase safety at workplace. When the robot completes the process, a person can go back and remove the finished bay, and the robot goes to the second position.
This system is very efficient for long production runs. The production plant minimises thus the cost of employing highly qualified welders and reduces the costs on staff training.
The template can be rotated at 360 degrees. If the position is equipped with turntables.

Advantages of robots for welding gates and fences:

Increased quality and better production planning

Reduction of personnel costs

Increasing the level of health and safety at work

Flexible integration to the needs of the workplace

The welding robots we integrate – similarly to the other machines of our production – are covered by warranty and service for 2 years from the date of production.

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