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Belt Conveyor Bends

Belt conveyor bends

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Various types of conveyors and supporting equipment are used to automatically connect different machines. We would like to present you the equipment that will help to speed up and facilitate production at a plant.

We offer a bend that takes up a minimum of space – the equipment is the size of a conveyor belt from which it takes and returns the product. It uses pneumatic cylinders – but it can be made with electric motors. We adjust the speed of the conveyor belt to the needs of the production plant.

We design the pneumatic bulldozer in accordance to the physical properties of the moved load and the frequency of work. WiR Automation manufactures bulldozers with a durable construction, therefore the operation is only limited by periodic inspections and inspection of the screw connections.

The system operates in a fully automated way, based on the system of sensors that activate the bulldozer. At the Customer’s request, we also manufacture bulldozers activated by hand or footswitch.

Our machines are covered by warranty and service for 2 years from the date of production.

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