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Industrial Transporters

Roller, belt

and chain conveyors


Belt Conveyors

Conveyors (so called belt conveyors) are widely used in almost all branches of industry. The large variety of conveyor belts allows a number of possibilities.

Belt conveyors consist of a table on which the belt is moved and supporting pillars. The belt allows to move plenty of products. The limit of belt conveyors is their load capacity. It is not suitable for transporting heavy elements.


Conveyors are most often used to transport small loads such as: cartons, boxes or bags. Additionally, they are used in assembly lines, warehouse work and agriculture.

Belt conveyors (the feeders) are characterized by a stable frame and supports made of steel profiles. The conveyor belt slides on a special tabletop made of steel or plastic. As a drive we use an electric motor with a gearbox (so called geared motor) or a drum motor. In belt conveyors it is possible to use a reversible transport direction system.

The most frequently used belts are:





India rubber

Felted fabric

We offer transport belts of different thicknesses and with different surface structures (smooth, non-slip or gripp).

Roller Conveyors

Roller conveyors transport products or pallets on rolls, which are driven by a motor or passive (then the product is transported by man or by gravity). Powered roller conveyors are one of the most widely used on market. They are characterized with the possibility of transporting heavy loads.
The construction of a roller conveyor is of course influenced by the load capacity range. E.g. up to 1000 kg/m – they are used in particular to move the goods on euro pallets. The load capacity is determined by the type of drive and rollers used. Roller conveyors are usually chain driven.

The parameters of conveyors such as length, working width, pitch and diameter of rollers, speed and height are designed according to the needs of internal logistics of the plant.

The conveyors can be equipped with frequency converters, thus ensuring a smooth start and stopping of the transported goods. The modular construction allows expansion and modernization of the conveyors arrangement in any size and shape.

The system of side support profiles allows the easy assembly and disassembly of individual rollers without dismantling of the entire structure. Thanks to that the modernization can be done simply and quickly. Side profiles additionally allow easy connecting of subsequent conveyor modules.

Chain Conveyors

Chain conveyors, otherwise known as conveyors, are most often used to transport loads of considerable dimensions as well as of high weight, not exceeding 1500 kg. They aret frequently used to transport euro pallets.

The cargo is transported on chains, which are driven by a shaft coming out of a geared motor. They move on special guides made of hard, non-abrasive material.

Conveyors of this kind do not have a complicated construction, on the contrary they are characterized by simple solutions. Moreover, they are characterized by high reliability, resistance to contamination and high efficiency. Their additional advantage is low maintenance and service costs.

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