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Mesh Bender

Mesh Bender


Mat Bender

The equipment for bending previously produced mesh reinforcements. Our each equipment is accomplished by a simple or advanced method of regulation of the angle bending.

Our equipment performs the operation in following ways:


The operator manually inserts the mesh into the bender, resting it on the table and locking it with the stoppers. After inserting the mesh, the operator confirms the loading by pressing a button. After performing one bend, the operator must move the mesh to the new bend position or load the next mesh.


The operator manually inserts a single net into the machine. He confirms the loading with a button, then the bender performs bending in a pre-programmed sequence. When the process is complete, the operator removes the mesh and loads the next one.

Automatic in the process line

The bending machine is integrated into the mesh production machine and automatically picks up the product and then bends it. The bender can be combined with an existing machine in your plant. After bending, the mesh is placed outside the working area of the machine to be picked up safely by the operator.

The Wir Automation Reinforcement Sheet Bending Machine can be controlled by mechanical or hydraulic units. It can also be equipped with a number of bending pins designed according to the Customer requirements.


Most important features:

Three modes of operation

Adjustable bending speed

Safety interlock

Stepless adjustment of bending angles

Bender machine

The machine is equipped with a console switch which activates the hydraulic/mechanical unit and thus – the process of bending the reinforcement mats. The machine can be controlled by an automatic programmer. Reliable design provides functionality, efficiency, safety and ease of use.

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