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Multipoint Welding Machine

Multipoint Welding Machines


Template, Semi- & Automatic Welding Machines

Our equipment is designed to meet individual needs of the Customer. We adjust the size and welding cycles according to the type of the Customer’s electrical supply.

Our welding machines are equipped with conventional (50 Hz) or inverter (1000 Hz) transformers. The type and power of the transformer are selected individually depending on the product to be welded.

Within our offer there are provided the multipoint welding machines



Automatic with bar folding

Automatic with decoilers and straighteners

The equipment is based on modern numerical control systems. The servo drives provide the ability to program mesh sizes directly from the operator panel, allowing to rapidly change them. Advanced automation also provides high efficiency of the equipment.

Template Welding Machine

Gantry welding machine, equipped with two transformers, one for each side. The upper electrodes, which are lowered by pneumatic cylinders, can weld a selected number of bars into several cycles, thus reducing energy consumption. The lower electrodes are lifted by the pneumatic cylinders and an eccentric. The part to be welded is placed on a template and then a servo-driven carriage transports it under the electrodes. The productivity of this equipment depends mainly on the time the bars are laid into the template.

Semi-Automatic Welding Machine

The type of welding machine equipped with several transformers – the quantity is regulated according to the needs of the welded workpiece. The operator inserts the longitudinal bars into special guide pipes and then pushes them to the bumper. The cross bars are driven automatically by the cross feed equipment. The lower electrode is static and the upper one is driven by pneumatic cylinders. After welding the first line, the carriage grabs the cross wire and moves it to the corresponding grid cell – pre-programmed from the HMI panel. The productivity of this equipment depends largely on the person who inserts the longitudinal bars.

Automatic Welding Machine
– with bar folding

The automatic welding machine in the version with laying out the bars is similar to the semi-automatic version – instead of a person laying out the longitudinal bars, a carriage is mounted which does it automatically. After laying out, the additional carriage inserts the bars into the welding module. The automatic folding system eliminates human intervention and thus increases the efficiency of the equipment significantly. The only thing the operator has to do is fill the bar containers.

Automatic Welding Machine
– with decoilers and claws

The automatic claws welding machine is a fully maintenance-free welding line. After loading the spool with bars, the machine unwinds and straightens the bars itself. The longitudinal bars are fed directly from the straightening machines to a welding machine, which produces a mesh with defined parameters. It is then cut to the required length. Depending on the version, the wire is palletized or stacked and thrown onto a forklift to pick it up. All operations are programmed by the operator from the control panel.

It is possible to integrate an automatic welding line with a mesh bender. This allows to produce the finished product without human intervention.

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