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At present, in most Polish production plants, the stage of palletising packed products requires relatively high manual labour. The implementation of work automation at this stage allows to avoid mistakes related to human factors, increase safety at workplace and save on the additional personnel.

Manual palletization in some industries causes noticeable losses. Therefore, we offer to improve this process through automation / robotization.

WiR Automation Palletizers

At the Customer’s disposal there are offered various types of palletization of packaging, depending on the needs of the manufacturing plant, e.g.: sacks, welders, boxes, cartons, crates or barrels.

Cartons and boxes belong to the most frequently used packaging of goods which are the subject of palletization. The multitude of ways of placing them on a pallet and the speed of goods flow into the storage area makes their automation and mechanization even more necessary.

Advantages of using of Palletizer:

Cost reduction

High production efficiency

Occupational safety

Designing for the Customer

High precision

Easy to use

Low operating costs

The machine built by us allows to palletize up to several thousand products per hour. It is several times more efficient to perform this repetitive operation than 4 employees do. The machine arranges products on a pallet with an accuracy of +/- 5 mm.

The machine is controlled by programs. They are edited and managed by means of an easy-to-use touch screen, the so-called HMI.

Optionally, the machine can have automatic emptying of the pallet storage.

Within our offer we also construct subsidiary machines:

palletizing robot,

plate palletizer,

portal palletizer,


automatic pallet storage.

Our palletizers – similarly to the other machines of our production – are covered by warranty and service for 2 years from the date of production.

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