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Welding Stations

welding robots  the movement. In the automotive parts industry.

Welding Station Design

We also deal with the design and execution of welding stations. The task of a welding application is to raise the performance and quality standards. At the same time, it is a solution increasingly used in Polish industry. Robotised stations are available both in semi-automatic and automatic form. In addition, robotization takes into account the applicable health and safety standards. The station equipped with one centrally located welding robot can operate one, two or three templates. The templates are interchangeable and customized. Moreover, the robot can be equipped with any welding source, TIG or Mig-Mag type, depending on the needs.


The high demands placed on manufacturers of welded structures make industrial robots particularly important. Large-scale production enhances the legitimacy of welding robots by reducing risks and hazards at workplace. Additionally, it enables production planning on the basis of repeatable indicators and minimizing the costs of employing highly qualified personnel with proper welding qualifications, as well as reducing financial expenses for personnel training.

Individually designed welding stations can operate small or large, heavy and lightweight workpieces that require turnover during welding. The ability to weld several parts at the same time allows a wide range of welding robots and flexible integration to the diverse needs of the production plant. The robots are able to weld elements and components automatically with complex shapes and welding joints.

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The operation of the robotized welding station can be limited by fixing and then removing the elements to be welded.


The welding robots we integrate – similarly to the other machines of our production – are covered by warranty and service for 2 years from the date of production.

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