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Automatic wire straightening machine

Automatic wire straightening machine


Straightening machines for smooth and ribbed wires

Rotor type wire straightening machine made by WiR Automation is modern equipment for the production of cut-to-size wires. Independent drives and a high spindle speed of up to 9000 rpm allow you to achieve the same straightening regardless of the quality of the steel and the wire diameter. The advantage of our machines is the high performance of the device at a relatively low price.

Wir Automation is a complete solution for straightening and cutting wire from the coil. The machine consists of three modules.

The first module is a coil unwinder, adapted for unwinding wire from coils with a maximum weight of up to 3.5 tons. Then the wire goes to the straightening module or the cutter. The machine has a solid and heavy construction made of thick-walled steel profiles.

The wire straightener is equipped with three pulling roller station. Each station has an independent drive transmitted by high-efficiency cylindrical gears. Wire straightening takes place in a spindle rotating at speeds up to 9000rpm. Independent adjustable drives of all components, allows you to achieve the same precision straightening with different steel grades and wire sizes.

Finally, the wire is cut with a precision of ± 0.5 mm, thanks to the use of a precise and fast servo drive mechanism. Cutting is done without stopping which allows you to get high productivity. Automatic run-out table allows you to pick up the right amount of wires without the need to stop the line. The whole is controlled by PLC from the touch panel, allowing adjustment of any parameter.



The offered wire straightener can be available in various configurations.


Wire straightener

Run-out table

WiR Automation straighteners have a CE Declaration of Conformity.

Service only requires adjustment of the machine mechanisms and supervision. The device is powered by electricity only.

Our straightening machines – similarly to the other machines of our production – are covered by warranty and service for 2 years from the date of production.

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