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Multipoint welding machine for fence panels

In 2016-2017, a multipoint welding machine for fence panels joined the group of machines modernized by our company. We made the machine together with the Customer, who took care of the mechanical part and construction of the equipment. We were responsible for the automation and electrical part of the machine (program, control cabinet, machine wiring).

The machine produces fencing panels of smooth bars. This welding machine allows to make a panel, which has a mesh of 50x50mm to 200x200mm, from bar fi 4 and fi 5, in sequences 5-6-5, 8-6-8. The dimensions of the produced panel can be from 800 mm to 2500 mm in terms of height and width 2500 mm. Moreover, thanks to the built-in press it has a function of bending the fence panel in order to stiffen the whole structure.

Moreover, the machine has containers for longitudinal and transverse bars, which makes the fence production faster. The modernization allowed to increase the efficiency of the machine by 150%.

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