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( PAL-30 )

In July 2019 we made an equipment for palletizing cartons and PET weldings on a euro pallet. In addition, to meet the expectations of the Customer, the whole machine was painted with a special polyurethane paint, highly resistant to mechanical damage and contact with water and detergents.

The machine is adjusted to accept products from two different production lines, one of which supplies products in the form of carton boxes and the other as PET packaging. Depending on the programme selected, it guides and turns the product, which is then combined into layers. Thanks to the fact that the machine can arrange the products in layers, it can also be used as a tool to orient and rotate them, depending on the program selected. The prepared product layer is then placed on the pallet. In addition, the Customer use carton layers between the individual layers, which provides even greater stability and better load securing. At the end of the palletising line there is a wrapping machine which allows the final wrapping of the entire pallet.

The machine has been designed to perfectly fit the conditions in the Customer’s warehouse. Our constructors faced a huge challenge. The machine had to stand between the supporting pillars of the warehouse and just under the transporter carrying the canned bottles.

Thanks to the accurate measurements, joint work and wonderful ideas we managed to achieve the goal, but mainly – Customer’s satisfaction. This is confirmed by the fact that there is only a 1 cm gap between some elements of our machine and the structure of the building, which is connected to high precision of execution from our side.

Before the installation of the palletising line, the work of placing the weldings on the pallets was done manually, which was connected to the employment of bigger amount workers. During the loading of the product on pallets as many as 4 people were physically working. Nowadays, after introducing our machine to the factory, one trained operator is enough to operate and load it, who manages the work from the HMI panel.

Undoubtedly, the machine has improved the palletising process in the plant and allowed reduction of manpower.

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