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Multipoint Welding Machine for Rebar Mesh

In 2018, we started working over the modernization of the mesh welding machine.

The scope of modernization consisted of mounting a carriage for unfolding the bars, an inserting carriage and a fast carriage for pulling out the mesh from the other side of the welding machine. The main construction of the machine was made of aluminium profiles.

The longitudinal wire distribution carriage spreads it on a specially adapted table, which enables manual distribution of bars up to 6000 mm long.

SIt consists of ten seven-metre-long troughs, which are manually set with cranks according to the Customer’s wishes. Everything is placed on aluminium profile. The trough allows the wire to be inserted under the electrodes themselves. Moreover, the carriage pushing the bars into the welding module, moves above the trough. The carriage is driven by a servo-motor.

This bar unfolding carriage moves above the troughs and the bar carriage pushing the bars into the welding module. It is designed to replace human work by automatically unfolding the bar into the troughs. The bar is unfolded by means of a pneumatic cylinder. In order to change the diameter of the bar, it is necessary to replace several elements feeding the bar and change the gap through which the bar falls. The carriage is numerically controlled. The place where the bar is to be dropped is regulated by sensors placed on the carriage, which checks the position of the trough. In addition, an optical sensor on the carriage is responsible for checking whether the bar has been dropped from the carriage and a second sensor checks whether the bar is in the trough. The disassembly is carried out while the previous bars are being welded – for the variant with 14 longitudinal bars, the interval between the end of the bar and the start of the next one is about 3.5 seconds. The diameter of the bar has no effect on results. The maximum length of the wire that can be spread by the carriage is 3,500 mm.

Welded meshes are captured on the other side of the welder and moved on special tracks. After complete welding, the mesh is dropped on a pallet under the tracks. The bending area is set from the HMI operator panel.

For safety reasons we have placed a fence around the machine so that unauthorized persons could not enter the area of the working machine.

Thanks to that improvement, the number of personnel could be reduced from two to one. In addition, productivity was significantly increased, which translated into increased production in the plant.

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