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Automatic production line for reinforcement baskets

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In March 2019 a team of our experienced engineers started working over a new project. Our goal was to develop a concept for an automatic machine for the production of reinforcement baskets. The client wanted to increase production capacity, reduce costs and increase comfort and safety at the plant. After long discussions and in-depth knowledge of the product specification, we managed to develop a coherent concept of the machine functioning.

The project consisted of the following elements: a multi-shaft bar straightener, a bar storage, a multi-point welding machine, a cross-bar straightener, a carriage to move the mesh during the welding process, a cutter and a carriage to collect the mesh from the cutter. In addition, the machine also includes three manipulators running on the upper track, two bending machines and two chain placement tables. It took us about six months to build the whole machine.

The overall operation of the rebar production line is as following. The unrolled wires from the claws are fed into the straightening machine and then the straightened bar is stored in a buffer before the welding machine. Above it there is an automatic transverse bar feeder. These bars are taken from the storage, which, if necessary, is supplemented by the cross-bar straightener located just above it. Special sensors are responsible for the appropriate level in the bar storage.

Then, the welded reinforcement mesh is pulled out of the welding module by a carriage. The exact location of the transverse reinforcement basket is determined by the servomotor installed in it. The carriage stops at an accuracy of 0.1 mm and can move at a speed of 2 m/s. The reinforcement basket then passes under the cutter, where it is cut to the required sizes.

In the next process, carriage number two drives with the cut-off mesh under the main manipulator, which places the finished semi-finished product on the left and/or right bender, depending on the selected program. The bender bends a straight grid in five places, resulting in a reinforcement basket. Then, using manipulators, the basket is taken from the bending machine and transferred to the chain table of the stackers. This moves the element out of the working area of the machine. At the end, the finished product is picked up by the worker and put on the pallet.

The control of the machine is placed in a four-metre high control cabinet, in which the heart of the machine, i.e. a modern industrial computer, is located. The operator controls the machine using the HMI panel. In order to make an appropriate grid, the employee enters the recipes of the selected product.

The production line was made in accordance to current safety standards. Around the equipment we installed a fence and four wickets equipped with safety locks, so that unauthorized persons could not disturb the working area of the machine.

The implemented line for the production of reinforcement baskets met the initial assumptions of the project in one hundred percent. Eventually, thanks to close cooperation with the Customer and an individual approach, we managed to obtain a satisfactory product. Our main goal, fully satisfacted Customer, was achieved thanks to the joint work and experience of our employees.

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