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Tables For Forklift Truck Loaders

Another special task was to design and manufacture 5 tables for forklift truck loaders.

The structure was made of steel profiles and the top was made of sheet metal to ensure the lifting capacity of the equipment standing on it. The whole was powder coated in the colour of ral 7035.

For the Customer’s convenience, the tables were made in two versions – three-stand and two-stand.

Each of the tables was equipped with an electrical installation intended specifically for these chargers. In addition, all the workstations were equipped with a special spring loaded baton, which allows the cables to be fixed so that they do not wriggle on the floor. Moreover, for the safety of employees, all wounds were secured with rubber.

Thanks to this solution, the chargers do not stand on pallets but on the specially adapted tables, which results in great convenience.

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